A California Climate Dividend Fund, featuring Senator Bob Wieckowski

California may be poised to take the next big step towards universal basic income, by establishing a universal dividend fund through a proposed reform of the state’s cap-and-trade system. State Senator Bob Wieckowski, author of the bill, spoke to Owen and Jim about the motivation behind the legislation and what it’ll take to get it passed.

One thought on “A California Climate Dividend Fund, featuring Senator Bob Wieckowski

  1. Trevor

    Can’t find any other contact listed here, maybe you should post an email. Anyway, somebody should really check out this website/group : http://www.grantcoin.org/
    They are creating a digital currency linked to bitcoin, now called Manna. The plan is to go around the government model and create basic income through the blockchain. My 2 cents – a constellation of basic incomes will exist in the local, regional, national, and community/digital level and people will ‘tap’ these different streams of income to create a single revenue. People also assume that a digital income will be distributed by the government, whereas a blockchain model implies that money is given to people and then possibly taxed by the government, not only do taxes not go up but they would be collected through this system. Also not discussed is what a BIG would do to bolster/recreate the credit system, social insurance, and the stock market. thanks.

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